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poetry is the art of self-expression

a splotch of words, a stroke of passion

bare naked poetry
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when will I learn
to not be tired of the onerosity of writing

and fuck like a tireless machine
giving birth to an infinite progeny of words

or perhaps dazzle guys and gals and God
with my incandescent body

right now, I can't!
for my textual body is bare, naked, white

and I do not like it to be, so please:

carve me, scratch me, sanctify me
you could also (ya know)

graffiti me, tattoo me, or simply
heap invectives or whatever

the emptiness is too hard to bear
it anesthetises

if you've written something, we want to read it. it doesn't have to be polished, but it should be authentic. and by that we mean it has to come from the very bottom of your soul--and even if you're empty inside, we wanna hear the echoes.